The flood, which is in the common memory of humanity, is known and explained with different dimensions in both holy books and different beliefs and cultures. When we consider all the narratives together, the two main points of the flood draw attention. The first of these is the time and space issues between the beginning and the end of the flood. These narratives and mythologies about the causes of the flood, when it happened, how long it lasted, the construction of the ship and the place where the ship stopped, are mentioned and discussed today as well as in history. In this context, Prophet Noah was accepted as the second ancestor of humanity and a different value was given to him among the prophets. For this reason, it was claimed that his graves and maqams existed in different parts of the world. While it is accepted in the Christian belief that the ship of Noah is standing in the Mount Ararat, it is stated in the Qur'an that the ship is standing in the Mount Cudi.

Besides these historical aspects, the message of the Flood to humanity is of particular importance in today's world. Because the deluge of Noah is one of the religious and cultural experiences of protecting and saving the people and values of the people consumed and separated by the modern world. The Flood is an experience in which differences are not seen as a means of dissociation, human and animal set out and sailed together. It is the experience of meeting with common values and producing new values without otherising by saying ?We are all the passengers of the same ship?

The first aim of the symposium, which will be held on the basis of these thoughts, is to scientifically discuss what the concepts and narratives in holy books and different beliefs mean and approach a conclusion. The second and perhaps more important purpose is; due to common acceptance of all religions, beliefs and cultures, to provide a small opportunity for living together at the least and to open a door from history to the future by identifying the messages that the Flood gives to today's people.

After the International Symposium of Noah and Mount Cudi organized by Şırnak University in 2013, the second one will be organized under the title of International Symposium of The Flood, Noah?s Ark and Mount Cudi

Assoc. Prof. Dr. İbrahim BAZ

President of the Symposium Organizing Committee